The cardiologist told me about two persons per million population per year get diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension.  80% of the people diagnosed are women and usually affects people between the ages of 25-40. If I’m going to beat the odds I would rather have won the lottery.

It’s most frustrating to me that there is no known cause.  There is all this advancement in modern medicine and science but they can’t figure out why people get IPAH.  Is it really that it just happens for no reason completely out of the blue?  The logical side of me can’t accept it.  There must be a reason – perhaps since it’s a rare disease it’s harder to study and the answer is out there waiting to be discovered.

When I went in for my right heart cath, a team of cardiologists came by and asked if I would be willing to participate in a study about PH.  They are looking at a link between PH and stem cells.  Apparently they found that in rats with PH, using the rat’s own stem cells helped alleviate the pressure.  Of course as soon as I was admitted to the hospital I was disqualified for the study, but how interesting is that!

With my new heart and lungs I no longer have IPAH, but I hope that they make significant advancements to finding a reason/cure in my lifetime.