I love my primary care physician.  She is not only a great doctor, but she truly cares about her patients.  She is also very thorough.  When we were trying to find out why I was swelling and later when we were trying to determine if the PH was idiopathic or secondary, she left no rocks unturned.  I think I literally had all tests/scans/labs out there possible and tested for every kind of disease associated with PH.  When she referred me to a cardiologist she took the time to research PH specialists instead of assigning me to just anyone.  After my PCP referred me to the cardiologist at UCSF she took the time to check in with them on a regular basis as I was waiting for my appointment.  I think I saw my PCP nearly every week from when I was diagnosed to when I saw the cardiologist.  She prepared me mentally making sure I understood what PH was and how it would affect the rest of my life.  When I saw the cardiologist she commented to me about what a great PCP I had.

I found out later that my PCP has been in correspondence on a regular basis with the cardiologists and surgery team at UCSF.  All reports on my surgeries were cc’d to her and she’s been following my progress.  A couple of days after I was transplanted my PCP called me at the ICCU.  She knew I was trached and couldn’t talk so she spoke to me as I listened from my end and spoke with my night nurse afterwards.  She called to tell me that she was taking a maternity leave (her and her partner are adopting) and left me her cell phone number so that I could call her anytime I needed to.  Even though I probably won’t be calling her on her cell, it’s so nice to know she cares enough to call me at the hospital at 9pm at night to let me know she’s available if I needed her.

Too bad she doesn’t work out of UCSF – it would be nice to have all my doctors at one hospital – but that’s like asking for extra whipped cream after the icing on the cake.