I can’t remember the exact wording, but the doctor said something like the amount of exercise my lungs get in the first 6 months will determine what my lungs will be like in 5 years.  He told me to push myself everyday until I feel winded and out of breath from exercising.

I had to go to the hospital everyday the week I got home.  Walking up and down my stairs and walking through the hospital to my appointments was exhausting.  I counted that as my exercise.

Now that I’m feeling stronger I took his advice to heart and started exercising intentionally.  On Saturday I walked around my block.  I measured it on Gmap Pedometer and it was 0.36 miles.  Yesterday I did two walks.  The morning walk was 0.48 miles and the evening walk was 0.62 miles.  I walked a teeny bit over a mile AND it wasn’t that hard!  It wasn’t until I walked my second hill on last night’s walk did I realize just how severe my PH was.

My goal right now is to be able to go up and down the stairs to my apartment without needing someone to hold their arm out to be my second railing.  (There is only one railing on my stairs – the other side is a wall.) I can’t wait for the day that I can easily jog up the stairs without being winded.

The weather is beautiful outside today so my sister and I may drive somewhere scenic to walk and enjoy the outdoors.