I was given a list of things that I cannot eat or do.  I cannot eat raw meats, i.e sushi.  I cannot garden or till soil because dirt has a lot of fungus and the spores go through masks.  I cannot have house plants. I cannot change a cat’s litter box, change a fish’s bowl, or clean a bird cage.  Dogs are safe.  I cannot breath in highly concentrated fumes (obviously), which also includes nail polish and chemicals used at nail salons.  I cannot eat grapefruit in any form because it hinders the absorption of my medications.  I cannot eat soft cheeses.

Not eating sushi is not a big deal because I never ate raw fish to begin with.  I do not garden so I couldn’t care less about not tilling dirt.  I have a black thumb and kill all plants so no house plants isn’t a big deal.  I don’t have a pet and never intended on owning a fish, cat or bird.  I will miss going to nail salons for pedicures, but one nurse told me if I go when they first open in the morning and only get nails cut and polished it would be o.k.  (no cutting of cuticles for obvious reasons).  I’ll have to see about that.

I will miss the grapefruit but giving up soft cheeses will be the hardest.  Had I known I wouldn’t be able to eat it ever again I would have eaten a wedge of brie with a beautifully baked baguette and a Humboldt Fog goat cheese sandwich on walnut bread from Tartine as a last farewell.

I will remember the two very fondly.  Goodbye brie.  Goodbye Humboldt Fog.