This morning I had my second clinic visit at the hospital.  I spoke with the nurse about any pain and concerns, we went over my med list, and then I met with the doctor.  She looked at my sutures and my trach hole and redressed them.  I will be going to clinic every week on Tuesdays for the next 6 weeks or so.  I’m glad they’re monitoring me regularly.  The best part is that valet parking out front is free with a disability placard.  I’m gonna take advantage of that placard as much as I can until it expires.

Tomorrow morning I’m going in for a bronchoscopy.  They may also stitch my trach hole while I’m at the hospital.  I really don’t want to have stitches in my neck because I’m a pain wimp, even though I know they’ll probably numb me.  I’m thinking the numbing will hurt too.  Boo.  I guess in the long run it’ll be better for me.

For dinner I had a craving for Vietnamese food.  Andie came over and we all drove down to the pho place on Irving.  I had a bun and nearly finished it.  Afterward we walked down to the market to get some fruit, but it was closed.  I measured my walk on Irving street and it was 0.29 miles.

I should have walked some more today, but I’ve been having a lot of chest muscle pain, esp. when coughing.  I am not a ‘will take medicine at the slightest amount of pain’ person normally – ironic now that I’m on so many meds – but I gave in and just took a low dose of Vicodin in hopes that I will be able to have some relief and fall asleep easier tonight.

Today is exactly 4 weeks since I’ve been transplanted.  A lot has happened in the past 4 weeks, but it feels like it was just yesterday.

The good news for the day is that I can now walk down the stairs by myself without needing my sister’s arm for extra support.