Today I had labs in the morning.  Why oh why do I have such small veins?  It’s always so hard for people to find a good vein.  The worst part of the bronchoscopy yesterday was actually getting the iv into my arm for the sedation drugs.  I miss my picc line.

After labs Carol and I went out for breakfast.  I love going out to breakfast!  We went to Zazie and had poppy seed and sour cream pancakes with a lemon curd topping, and scrambled eggs with toast, home style potatoes and chicken apple sausage.  YUM.  The home care nurse came in the afternoon, and after a short rest we decided to go run errands.  We stopped by Starbucks to fuel ourselves and then headed out.

Errand #1: Car wash.  My car was in desperate need of vacuuming and wash.  Like most things, I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I saw it all sparkly and clean.

Errand #2: Target.  I love Target.  We got household items that we needed and got my exercise in all at the same time.  The best part was that we saw Carole from my work.  She has been baking us delicious goodies but hasn’t been able to visit due to an infection.  It was nice seeing her.  The best part for my sister was buying pajama on clearance.  They cheapest was $1.74 and the most expensive was $3.24.  We stocked up and bought 8 pieces of clothing.  Talk about a bargain. Did I mention how much I love Target?  AND, the bathroom was very clean – extra bonus points from the germaphobe.

Errand #3: Costco.  In my house everyone must take off their shoes before entering.  Ana had a great idea to put the shoes in the hallway in a plastic bin.  So we got a bin but wanted something to cover the carpet in the entry way.  Enter Carol’s brilliant plan – heavy duty plastic chair mat.  Since we were already in the area we went to the Costco in south city and bought one for $19.99.  Fits perfectly!  Words of wisdom from Carol: “Leave it to Asians to use a plastic floor mat as a carpet protector.”

Errand #4: Trader Joes.  I wanted Vitamin E for my wounds that are healing so we hopped on over to the Trader Joes next door.  Unfortunately we bought the wrong kind of Vitamin E but came out with 2 packages of their frozen naan bread.

Errand #5: Bank.  Quick stop at the ATM vestibule.

On our way home we decided to stop by In-N-Out for dinner.  After a long day out the idea of having take out was quite appealing.  The drive through line looked daunting but we stuck it out, and it only took 10 minutes.  Carol had a craving for it so it was well worth the side trip.

Update on knitting:  Carol has now mastered casting on and the knit stitch!  She learned the purl stitch and the anatomy of a stitch today.  I swear I don’t know what she’s talking about; she’s a natural!  I told her it’s in her blood.

More small steps:

1. Last night was the second day in a row that I slept through the night.  Yay!

2. I can now go up and down the stairs adult style without help.  Slowly but surely.

3. I’m finally starting to feel more like my old self.  A month of recovery really makes such a difference.  I don’t know how to quite explain it.  I’m definitely stronger and have more range of motion, but it’s more than that.  It’s sort of an internal sense of how my body is feeling.