I took it easy today since I had two hard days in a row.  I woke up to take my meds, but I didn’t really get up and get active until lunch time.  Cindy, Carol, Fidel and I met up with Cindy’s friends for lunch at Barney’s.  It turns out that Cindy’s friend is a resident at UCSF, and he was one of the doctors who came to do an epidural after my transplant before they realized that I wasn’t supposed to have one.  What a small world.

I’ve been slowly trying different kinds of foods to see which ones still taste good.  I had success with the bun when I went for Vietnamese food last week, so I requested it for dinner tonight.  When Jessica came over this evening to hang out she offered to ride her bike to pick it up for me.  Thanks Jessica!  (Btw, I loved the coconut drink!)

Tomorrow morning I need to be at the hospital by 7:30am so I’m going to try really hard to go to bed early.  Last night I didn’t sleep very well; hopefully tonight will be better.

Knitting update:  Carol is almost finished with the first skein of yarn!  The scarf is looking great.  Using the self-striping yarn was a great idea – it brings an element of surprise as she pulls the yarn from the center.

My good news for the day:  I sneezed twice today!  The sneezes came after much coughing, but progress!  It’s satisfying to have physical evidence that my trach hole is closing up.