Every morning is a struggle for me.  From when I first sit up from sleeping until about early afternoon I feel yucky and very much the recovering transplant patient.  I don’t know if it’s all the shifting of the innards from sleeping all night and then moving about, or if it’s just my body being upset that I didn’t get enough sleep, but today was no exception.

This morning I had to be up extra early for labs and my bronchoscopy, which didn’t help, and to make things worse my lab experience was very frustrating.  It took forever to be called in because of one idiotic woman who held up the standing appointment line and then when I finally did get in, the phlebotomist couldn’t find a vein after trying twice; I had to wait for another person to try.  By that time almost an hour had gone by since I had gotten there.  Right as the second phlebotomist was going to put a tournequet on my arm, my sister walked in and said that they would take my labs at the bronchoscopy place.  If I had known that in the first place I would never have gone to the lab.

I have discovered that the worst part of all my hospital visits is the iv.  I need to get an iv put in every time I have labs, a med infusion, and bronchoscopy.  My arms look like a battle field right now with all the bruising from the attempted pokes.

My good new of the day: My parents drove up today and they’re staying until Wednesday morning.  My mom made me yummy Korean food.  I really want to take my parents to the newly opened Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, but I’m not sure I will have enough energy to sustain a museum trip.  We shall see.