My neck is swollen.  I look like a bullfrog.  No exaggeration.

[Photo by Fir0002 licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.5]

I will start off by saying that overall I’m doing very well.  My lungs and my heart are healthy, and I haven’t had any complications so far.  BUT – the side affects from all my medications are starting to take a toll on me mentally.

I have tremors in my hands, I get hot flashes (though they are a lot less intense now), my skin and scalp are extra sensitive and peel multiple times a day, I can’t sleep through the night very well, the inside of my mouth and my lips are always dry and often tingles, I’m swelling in random places, and I’m shedding more hair than usual.  To add insult to injury my vega nerve was damaged during the transplant (apparently this is normal) so I have a hard time digesting food, my appetite is decreased, and nothing tastes right. Boo.

While I’m ranting and complaining, I realize that all of this is well worth my life – but really – it’s the small things that get to you.  I know the bigger perspective and the positive side to all of this, but I’m just so sick of recovery.  At clinic today the doctor told me it would take at least 3 months for my body to start adjusting and adapting to the medications… 2 more months until I feel somewhat ‘normal’ again.  Two months seems like forever from a daily perspective.

Knitting update: Carol has learned how to join another skein of yarn and is knitting up her scarf quickly.

My good news for the day: I walked 0.63 miles this afternoon in my neighborhood and this evening I went up and down the stairs to my apartment 3 times.