I’m in awe of how much health care costs.

For one month of my medications the insurance paid $10,263.37 and my portion was a little over $300. I thought that was crazy until I received my itemized statement from UCSF for the 34 days that I was hospitalized… $1,705,316.42.

It’s crazy how much things cost.  Each night at the Intensive Cardiac Care Unit was $15,637.  Carol said, “That’s the same cost as a Corolla!”  The organ acquisition was $326,117… not sure if this means the cost of the transplant surgery itself or just the harvesting of the organs.  The cost of being in the operating room for the transplant was $155,946 and the cost of the anesthesia for the transplant was $33,203.

My insurance has a lifetime maximum of $2 million dollars.  Had someone told me 6 months ago that I would be using it all I would have laughed in their face.  Once my insurance pays UCSF I will be kicked out…  medicare here I come!

Knitting update: Carol finished her scarf, and it looks fabulous!

My good news for the day: I slept a lot last night.