Today my sister, Ana and I drove to Palo Alto to eat yummy Korean style Chinese food at Wang’s.  We had jajangmyun – black bean sauce noodles, tangsooyook – deep fried pork in a clear sweet & tangy sauce, and kampongsehoo – deep fried shrimp in a spicy garlic sauce.  Definitely worth the 37 mile drive.

Afterward we headed to downtown Palo Alto to have tart frozen yogurt at Red Mango. I had the original with strawberries, blackberries and mochi.  YUM.  Then to our delight, we discovered the Palo Alto location of RB’s Threading Studio inside a hair salon just around the corner.  I can no longer get my eyebrows waxed because my meds make my skin paper-thin and dry.  Yay for threading!  We trooped in and got glammed up.  A successful trip to the south bay.

In the evening Elizabeth came over and we knit and watched the movie Waitress. My sister took the time for herself and went to get a manicure with a gift certificate she got from Ana to Burke Williams and did some clearance shopping at the huge Old Navy downtown.

Knitting update: Carol has learned to cast on with circular needles and is almost done with her first hat!  She just needs to switch to double pointed needles and start the decreases; that’s tomorrow’s lesson.

My interesting news for the day: I have a bruise on my right forearm that looks just like Africa, Madagascar and all.