I should have thought to take a picture of my Africa bruise earlier… now that you all want to see it, it’s fading away!  A couple of days ago the yellow spots in the picture below were red like the rest of the bruise.  You can also see my medic alert bracelet that just came in the mail.  I feel very official.

Today I had a big day out.  After labs at the hospital and the home care nurse’s visit, we went to Costco to run errands.  Costco is very tiring.  Maybe it’s the people, or maybe it’s cause the store is ginormous, but I was spent by the time we were done.

Afterward we went to Cottage Yarns so Carol could buy yarn for her new project.  Last night she picked out a pattern for a bag she’s going to knit.  She bought the yarn for the bag and even picked out another one for a future project.  I love that she’s stepping into my world of knitting.

Knitting update: Tomorrow I’m teaching Carol how to cable.  Currently she’s researching discounted purse handles online for her bag.

My good news for the day: Last night I slept for 7 hours straight in my bed.  What a difference a good nights sleep makes.  Oh, and we got gas for $3.09 at the Chevron in South San Francisco!  (It’s a sad state of affairs when were excited about gas that’s over $3 a gallon.)