Today I had no medical obligations: no labs, no clinic, no ct scans, no bronchoscopy, no spirometry testing, no home-care nurse, no physical therapist.  It was nice having a relaxing morning.

In the afternoon we needed to run errands so we decided to walk to do them as my exercise for the day.  We walked to 22nd and Irving from my house which is about a mile.  We stopped at the bank, the fruit market and the post office and bought our Muni passes for November.

By the time we were done I was completely spent.  Our plan was to take the N Judah street car back home, but I really needed to sit down.  I must say it is difficult to find a place to sit down for free on a busy, crowded street…  I did a lot of leaning against parking meters for breaks.  We finally sat down at a bus stop on those little black seats they make without backs.  Janet was on her way to visit us so my sister had a brilliant idea to call her to pick us up instead of walking the extra block and taking the N home.  Janet was just a few blocks away so she drove up and took us home.  Thanks Janet!

Carol went for a run while I taught Janet how to knit in the round.  When she got back we ordered Indian food for dinner, and I taught both of them how to knit cables.  Overall I had a good, but tiring day.

Good news for the day: At lunch I was craving a pastrami sandwich so my sister went to Lucca’s and bought me one.  It was delicious, and I finished the whole thing!  With my appetite the way it’s been this was a big accomplishment.

My surprise treat for the day: Thanh sent us Beard Papa’s cream puffs – vanilla and pumpkin via Janet.  They were fabulous; I especially loved the pumpkin flavored one.  Thanks Thanh!