I had a very productive day today.  We started off this morning with labs, and yes, I have a huge bruise on my right elbow as a souvenir.  She poked and prodded but the vein kept moving, and then when she finally poked the vein, it collapsed.  I wonder if it’ll look like another geographical location as it heals.

After labs we went home, I did my breathing treatment, and we voted with our absentee ballots.  To keep up the momentum we decided to go out and finish our errands.  We grabbed a quick lunch and then headed out to Costco and Target.  How is it that we were just there and yet had more things to buy?  A lot of our purchases today were treats though, not necessities.

Afterward we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics & Crafts because they’re having a yarn sale and we had one of those 40% off weekly ad coupons.  Carol bought yarn for herself and 2 bag handles.  I bought a circular needle and yarn.  Then we went to Borders to return a book Carol had bought me for the hospital, which I never read because I couldn’t: 1. concentrate and 2. hold it up (hardback).  It turns out that Borders changed their return policy.  All returns now need to be made within 30 days with a receipt.  No receipt = no return.  Logically it makes sense so that people don’t recycle and cheat them out of revenue, but boo on those who ruin it for the rest of us…  the book we were trying to return (with a receipt mind you) was never opened and in brand spankin’ new condition.

My good news for the day: I bought the 60th Anniversary Edition of Scrabble.  Woohoo!