My favorite season is fall… what’s yours?  Humor me and vote below  😀

Here in San Francisco the weather is pretty temperate.  It’s always somewhere between the high 30s to low 40s at the coldest to high 80s to low 90s at the hottest. Usually most days are in the mid 60s to low 70s.  It doesn’t snow and it’s never scorching hot.  We typically have summer weather in September and October, and during the summer it’s usually cold and foggy because it’s usually very hot everywhere else in the Bay Area.

The best explanation I found for why it’s so foggy in SF is on the Exploratorium’s Website by Eric Muller … which by the way is a GREAT museum.  He states, “When warm air cools, water vapor condenses to form a mist. When this mist is on the earth’s surface it’s called fog.  Fog forms off the coast of San Francisco. Air in the coastal valleys of the Bay Area and the Central Valley of California heats up during the day. The air in these locations expands and rises. This displaced air must be replaced. Air is sucked from offshore where fog has formed, and in through the Golden Gate. San Francisco just happens to be in the path of this “replacement air.” The fog gets carried along as the air makes its way towards the hotter areas.”  Ah fog.  I love the fog.  Many people complain about it, but it makes me happy.  I guess this is why I live in the Sunset district of SF.

For the past couple of months we’ve been having our summer.  It’s been beautiful… sunny with a cool breeze and temperatures in the 70s.  Yesterday however, the fog rolled in and it started to drizzle.  Yay fall!  I love fall.  I love it when it turns brisk and you have to layer your clothes.  I love it when you go outside and it smells like burning pumpkins, and someone’s fireplace.  I even love the rain if I’m 1. sitting in my pjs at home or 2. properly dressed for it.  Fall also means Thanksgiving and the start of the holiday season.  And best of all, my birthday is in the fall.

I’m not sure what or if I should do something this year for my birthday.  I feel like since I was given a new license on life I should celebrate in a big way, but I’m not really much of a big event person.  We shall have to see.

It’s supposed to rain again today.  Hopefully the little trick or treaters don’t get too drenched.

Happy Halloween everyone!