Wait a minute… I remember this feeling!

This past week I’ve noticed that my physical state of being has been markedly similar to when I first came home from the hospital.  I’m worn out more easily, and the need to rest and sit is more frequent.  A couple of weeks ago, around week 4, I felt much better and more ‘normal’ than I had been in a long while.  I think that was definitely the peak of phase one of my recovery.

Now I feel like I’ve entered into a new phase, and I’m starting all over again even though I’m physically stronger.  My hypothesis is that I’ve been getting more exerted because I’m much stronger and have more ability to move, but my endurance hasn’t caught up yet.  The first phase of recovery at home lasted about 4 weeks.  Since the doctor said I will probably start feeling somewhat ‘normal’ and able to do daily activities with ease in 3 months, I’m thinking I have this phase and one more phase to go if I progress at the same rate.  Hopefully it will get easier the next time around.

Today I noticed a large freckle on the left side of Carol’s face that she claims has always been there.  To think all this time I couldn’t see it because I couldn’t turn my head/neck/torso until very recently!  I try to remind myself of small things like these when I get frustrated with my progress and feel like crap.

My cousin and his wife flew back to NY this morning.  It was great spending time with them.  They brought us bagels and went home with a sourdough loaf from Boudin.  I love the coastal carb exchange.  Later, Ann came over with Robert and we hung out and chatted while she prepped for work, I knit, and Robert played my Nintendo DS.  I finally got a chance to give her the hat I made her for her birthday this past summer.  I’m glad she loved the colors!

Knitting update:  Carol has learned to cable and has finished her second hat!  She knit the Chunky Cabled Hat by Carissa Browining using Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn in colorway Pumpkin.  Yesterday we went to Imagiknit, a local yarn store, and had a shopping extravaganza.  To top it all off, today she got some great deals on clearance yarn at WEBS – included in the purchase was yarn to make herself a cardigan.  She’s is now a full fledged knitter… there is no more denying it.

We were talking today about how her lifestyle has completely changed by living with me.  She is now a People magazine reading, cable tv watching, knitter.  What has this world come to?  I think I’ve been a bad influence, but I love it… 😀

For exercise we walked to Noriega and 32nd Ave to have dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant and walked back home afterward.  The walk was a little over half a mile each way, but the first leg was all hills.  I think I deserve extra credit for not skirting the inclines.

My good news for the day:  My trach hole is finally healed enough so that I don’t have to dress it everyday.  The actual ‘hole’ is about 2 cms wide now and scabbing has started to form along both ends.  It’s about damn time.  I hope it’s all scabbed over by the end of the week.