Yesterday my sister had a lot of stomach pain that got worse as the day went by.  Around 10:30pm I called Ana and she came and picked us up to take us to the emergency room.  They took her in for triage and put her in a room.  Then the nurse came and started an iv and took blood, and then a resident came and examined her and then the attending came and examined her.  Diagnosis – gastritis.  They gave her a stomach ‘cocktail’ made up of 3 drugs to drink down, wrote her a prescription for Protonix to help with the stomach inflammation and told her to take Mylanta every 4 hours as needed.  We got home around 3:30am.  For some reason emergency room visits always seem to take so long.

Carol felt better before she went to sleep, so hopefully today will be better.  Right now we’re waiting on my meds to be delivered.  Once they arrive we’re going to the pharmacy to have her prescriptions filled.  In the meanwhile she is to let her stomach settle and not aggravate it, i.e cut down on dairy, coffee, spicy foods – all the things she loves – until the stomach resolves itself.

It must say it was a little odd being on the other side of things.  For once I wasn’t the one getting the iv (thank goodness!) or having to wear the gown and be examined.  My sister’s nurse last night was the assigned rapid-response team nurse when I was on the main floor post-transplant.  The rapid-response team goes around and checks up on all patients who just came from the ICCU and patients who have a trach.  It was nice having someone I was already familiar with taking care of my sister.

As we were in the ER waiting for her labs to come back we noticed yet again that the staff at UCSF is just overall good looking.  We had noticed this when I was in the hospital as well.  I would say that 95% of all the staff at UCSF are good looking.  This includes nurses, doctors, admins, etc. etc..

Here are a few theories we’ve come up with as to why: most everyone looks relatively young; UCSF is a competitive teaching hospital so when it comes down to the wire the better looking one gets hired – not intentionally as in discrimination, but more of an unconscious filter; intelligent people take good care of themselves; health professionals take good care of themselves; we live in a city so people tend to be more hip and trendy.  I don’t know what the reason is, but really it’s a little uncanny, especially at the ICCU where I was at.  The ICCU is like a medical tv show like Grey’s Anatomy or ER with all the good looking people. Wierd.

Last night I uploaded two books on my new Kindle.  This whole one-click purchasing system can get very dangerous…

My good news from yesterday:  Using the kitchen table as leverage I was able to use my leg muscles to crouch down and retrieve satsuma oranges from the box on the floor!