I love holiday weekends.  Even though I’m not working it still felt like one because we had company and went out and about.

On Sunday Elizabeth came over and finished her hat which completed her lesson on knitting in the round, transferring to double pointed needles from circular needles, and decreasing.  She made up her pattern as she went along and it came out great. She used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in colorway Honey with US size 8 needles.


Sunday night Julie drove up from southern California to stay the weekend.  Yesterday Julie, Fidel, Carol and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  We started off by going to the hospital for labs and then headed down the peninsula.  As always, the aquarium was great.  To help with my fatigue we rented a wheelchair, and Carol pushed me around.  We saw a show called Mysterious of the Deep where they show footage of deep sea creatures that live in the Monterey Canyon recorded by robot submersibles.  Afterward we picked up a prescription and had dinner at Regent Thai.  We were out of the house from 8:30am to 7pm.  Yesterday was my biggest outing yet.

My fun news from yesterday: I ordered my sister’s Christmas present online and the bulk of it arrived.  It was sitting by the door when we got home.  I have one more box coming – hopefully tomorrow – and the knitting set I put together for her will be complete.

My good news for the day: Today is exactly 8 weeks since my transplant, and I can tell that my sternum is almost done healing.  The inflamation has gone way down and I have a tiny little scab left.  Last night I was even able to sleep on my side for a little while.