I feel yucky.  I’ve felt yucky all day.  I think I expended a lot of energy this weekend and it’s catching up with me.  I’m still coughing, which i’m starting to tolerate less and less.  I’m still really dry everywhere and the inside of my mouth and tongue feels like there is a constant layer of fuzz.  I can’t wait until I’m off of the diuretic.  I also suspect that my bullfrog has gotten worse 😦

Despite my cloudy head and fatigue, I was productive this morning.  I blocked a scarf and the pieces for a stuffed animal.  I never realized how much chest muscles you use when you’re washing and rinsing garment in the sink and how long you end up standing.  I’m counting it as exercise.

The biggest news of the day is that I was able to sit on the floor for a good amount of time pinning the blocked pieces and was able to get up by myself with a little help from leverage.  I held onto the couch to get fully upright.  It almost felt like being a toddler learning to walk.

I have 2 major milestones to overcome… opening the child safety proof on my med bottles and getting up out of bed without help.  Hopefully these will come sooner than later.