Wang’s, a Korean style Chinese restaurant in Palo Alto that I frequented when I was down in the south bay is closing.  Their last day will be November 30.  My sister and I met up with Nari to have lunch there and found a yellow change of ownership permit in the window.  It turns out that they sold the restaurant, and it will become R & B Seafood Restaurant in December.  Sad. It’s the only restaurant that I know of in the bay area that serves decent tangsooyook – fried pork in a clear sweet and tangy brown sauce.  At least we have an excellent alternative for the jajangmyun – black bean sauce noodles – in South San Francisco at a place called New Mandarin Garden, but their tangsooyook isn’t that great.  I was first introduced to Wang’s by Cindy who went to school down there, and we try to make a point to eat there whenever she comes up to visit from San Diego.

After lunch we did our usual routine.  We went to downtown Palo Alto and had Red Mango yogurt and Carol had her eyebrows threaded at Rb’s Threading.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and knitting as usual.

Good news for the day:  No more Amphotericin B breathing treatments!!!  Yesterday was my last day.  The past 64 days of Ampho treatment was as a preventative, so I won’t have to go back on it unless I really do get a fungal infection in my lungs.  Yay!  I’m hoping that the Ampho treatments were causing my food to taste yucky.  I’m going to pay attention to see if my taste buds improve over the coming week.  Wouldn’t that be lovely?