So with the economy going bunk and retailers struggling, there is a sale on practically any and everything you can think of.  Today I took advantage of said sales and spent way too much money.  Elizabeth and I started up at Macy’s, then had lunch at Barney’s, and proceeded to Noe Knit, Sports Basement and REI.  I ended up with a pair of earrings, 2 pairs of shoes, a wallet, 5″ dpn knitting needles in sizes 5-9, and 2 keys.

Out of all the purchases my keys are my favorite.  As we were walking in noe valley we came across a key store that had novelty keys.  They had Charlie Brown ones, which of course I had to have!  They’re so adorable!


Good news for the day:  I think stopping the Ampho breathing treatments has indeed improved my taste buds.  They’re still not 100% but food is tasting better.  Today I was able to sustain 5 hours of tootling about town and didn’t feel completely spent afterwards.  I can’t wait until walking at a normal rate and climbing stairs doesn’t tire me out.  I think once I get to that point I will start incorporating a bit of jogging.  Step by step!