On Saturday night I was reading and noticed that one of the words were blurry.  When I did a double take I realized it wasn’t the word.  There was something covering the word making it look blurry but cleared up once I read further down the sentence.

You know those little bits that float in your eyes… well I have one that is way bigger than a normal stringy looking floater.  It’s oval shaped with squiggly black lines – almost looks like a finger print in my left eye.  It was still there all day yesterday, so I called my eye doctor this morning and went in for a same day appointment.

He dilated my eye, took a look-see and told me that I have something called Posterior Vitreous Detachment.  It’s when the vitreous detaches from the optic nerve.


He said it’s a common thing that happens, but usually for people in their 60s.  PVD itself is not harmful, and there is no need to do anything once the vitreous detaches, but potentially my retina may start to detach.  Right now my retina is fine, but apparently that’s a side effect that can occur.

For the next month I need to pay attention for unusual signs – more spots, flashing lights, shades coming down over my vision etc.  If for some reason my retina decides to detach I will probably need laser surgery on my eye.  Hopefully it won’t come to that… I need another medical problem like I need a hole in my head.