When I taught elementary school I always knew what time it was: such was the nature of the job.  The first thing I always put on everyday was a watch.  Since I’ve stopped teaching I’ve slowly stopped wearing one.  Now I’m lucky if I can find a watch in the morning.

As a transplant patient I am once again dependent on time to manage my meds, and to time my walks/exercises for progress.  Lately I’ve been finding myself constantly asking what time it is… especially since I’m not working and the days and times all seem to run together.  In order to make my life easier I decided to buy a watch.


While it’s not the prettiest watch (of course the only metal band one they had has a pink face), it is the most functional and utilitarian watch I’ve ever owned.  It has a stop watch, count-down timer, 4 daily alarms, snooze, world time, auto-calendar, water resistance up to 100M and a light.  I have 3 alarms set – morning meds, afternoon meds and dinner meds.  Too bad my watch can’t automatically read my vitals when I have it on… though I’m sure a watch like that is out there somewhere.