Yesterday I went to pottery with Elizabeth.  I didn’t throw/make anything, but it was nice getting out of the house and seeing my teacher and old classmates.  I asked my doctor if it was okay for me to do ceramics, and she said it’s fine as long as I wear a mask so I don’t inhale all the dust particles.  The new semester starts on January 17th.  I’m excited to play with clay again.

I have been a Sprint cell phone customer for nearly 9 years now… more for convenience and laziness than loyalty to the company.  Anyway, today a customer service rep called me and thanked me for my many years as a customer and asked if I had any questions or concerns about my plan.  Which I didn’t – I’ve never had a problem with them, and they give me all sorts of discounts.  Then she offered to waive my phone upgrade date.  I’m not eligible for the $150 rebate until late spring, but if I bought a phone today she would give me the same rate as a new customer.  I looked at all the phones they had online while I was chatting with her and chose the Samsung Rant.  She also let me upgrade my mom’s phone so I got her a new one for free.  😀

My sister and I have a big calendar for the month up on our wall.  We decided to create an icon for exercise: a circle for light – moderate and a star for moderate – intense.  I’m hoping that it will keep me motivated to continually push myself.  So far I have two stars and one circle.

I had a craving for Korean BBQ today so Carol, Ana and I went to Brother’s (the original location – we ate at their overflow location down the street a couple months ago and it’s such a big difference) and thoroughly enjoyed our meal.  Afterward we went to Genki for dessert.  Carol and I shared an ice cream crepe with chocolate ice cream and cheesecake bits.  Ana got egg puffs (think flavored waffles in oval shapes).  Delicious.

The hospital finally called and scheduled an ENT appointment for me.  It’s set for Tuesday the 9th.  Hopefully it will go well and they will tell me good news.