Today I went to the support group for ppl with heart and/or lung transplant and their friends and families at UCSF.  Christina took the day off of work to go with me, and I think as a nurse she had fun listening to everyone’s stories.  Afterward we went to Macy’s so I could get a price-adjustment on my watch.  It’s 20% off friends and family till the end of the week so  I saved $22 dollars! 🙂  This evening Janet came over and we knit.  She worked on her mittens while I worked on my scarf.  We ordered in Indian food and hung out.  It was nice having company throughout the day.

Tomorrow I have nothing scheduled on my calendar, but I’m hoping to get in a decent walk for exercise.  Hopefully the weather holds up; it’s supposed to rain this weekend.  Which I’m thrilled about because 1. we need the rain and 2. that means there may be snow falling in the mountains.  It’s definitely time for a trip to Tahoe!  Last winter when I went I was so short of breath and I had a hard time walking… I can’t wait to go and see the difference with my new organs.