Today my lungs got a good workout.  I had my first complete pulmonary function test since the transplant and it was exhausting.  They have you do all kinds of breathing tests and they put you in a clear pressurized booth for a couple of them.

Afterward I had a ct scan.  In the past when I’ve gone in for the scans they’ve asked me if I could lay on my stomach and I always said no, but today I said I would try and it was actually not too bad –  part of the scan was on my stomach and part of it was on my back.  It’s definitely harder to hold your breath when you’re on your stomach.

Last night I got a decent amount of sleep.. probably a solid 7 hours, but I’ve been napping on and off all day.  I think my lungs and my body had a little conversation after this morning’s workout and decided to make me sleep.  In half an hour I’m going to a Chrismtas concert at the symphony.  I’m excited for the concert but tired.  At least i’ll just be sitting down when I get there.