This morning I had a routine bronchoscopy/biopsy.  I’m thankful that 1. it was at 7:45 – not 6:45 like last time! 2. The nurse, the tech, the fifth year fellow, and the attending were all people that I really like and know well. 3. They were able to find a vein for my iv right way with minimal pain.

I spent the rest of the day resting.  I took a really long nap afterwards and did a lot of knitting.  The results of the biopsy won’t be available until probably next Tuesday.  Hopefully all is well.  Usually no news is good news.  Too bad I can’t go online and look up/see the results myself.

Today is the first day since I was hospitalized that I can honestly say I ate more than I should have.  I’m still eating smaller portions, but I had more of an appetite and ended up grazing throughout the day.  Yay for progress!

Last night’s Christmas concert was fun.  The symphony was decorated to the nines with all the holiday cheer and a bunch of different Christmas trees decorated and sponsored by different organizations.  During the concert Carol had a hilarious moment of flashback when John Secada came on stage and sang his song ‘Just Another Day’.  We then came home and had a great time looking up a bunch of late 80’s/early 90’s songs on YouTube from back in the day.  It’s so funny how music and smells have such strong associations to events and times in our lives.