Since my double lung and heart transplant, the hospital has not once checked my heart.  All the focus has been on my lungs… pulmonary function tests, biopsies, bronchoscopies, ct scans of the lungs (though my heart must show up on the scan as well), clinic visits with the pulmonary team, etc.

They told me that if something was going on with my heart it would show up in the lungs first.  Seems a bit odd.  When they do the lung biopsy one of the things they check for is rejection.  What about rejection of my heart? I guess that’s why my twice daily vitals are important… fever, sudden weight change, high/low blood pressure etc. can all be signs of rejection.  Though I shouldn’t complain, because I would imagine a biopsy of the heart would be quite a process.

Yesterday Elizabeth came over and we knit; both of us were knitting gifts.  While I love knitting for my friends and family I have decided that for my new years resolution I will knit more things for myself.  It sounds selfish when I write it down, but looking back I realized that I knit 2 finished items for myself in 2008.

Last night Carol, Fidel, Jami and I went to the Chanticleer concert at St Ignatius church.  This was my second year going, and it was just as beautiful as it was last year.  This may turn into an annual event.  We even bought a CD for my mom, and 2 of their Christmas CDs for us.

Today we had a very mellow day.  We spent the day with Ana and Tina and then met up with Elizabeth and Jim for dinner at Regent Thai – hands down, the best green curry in the city.  It rained on and off all day; the perfect weather for relaxing.

My adorable 4 foot Christmas tree still hasn’t been decorated!  Gingerbread house and tree decorating is way late this year.  I can’t believe Christmas is in 4 days!  I feel like this holiday season has just flown by.

My random question- who is Louise in the saying, “Geez Louise!”?