I hate shopping for clothes.  It’s one of my least favorite chores.  Why is it that I can never find anything I like when I’m actually looking for specific items, but have no problems finding something when I go shopping with a friend with no intention of getting anything for myself?  And more than half the time nothing ever fits.  It always seems I’m in between sizes, or the pant leg is too long and I have to get them tailored.  It’s a miracle when I find clothes that fit; I probably have the least amount of clothing of all the females I know.

After losing 50 some pounds of water since I was hospitalized, none of my clothes fit me.  Big surprise.  I’ve been wearing the smallest of my old clothes loosely, but it’s getting to the point where pants fall down without me unbuttoning or unzipping.  Reluctantly I went to the mall with my sister today, but actually had some success in finding clothes.  Banana Republic is having a huge sale, and I found clothes that fit well.  I bought a pair of trousers, 2 blouses, and 2 sweaters.  I also got a pair of comfortable shoes for work at Macys on clearance.  Success.