Carol’s birthday is coming up… she’ll be 29 on January 17th.  For her birthday I’ve decided to fly down to Upland.  The original transition plan was for my mom to come up on Thu January 8th and my sister to leave ‘for good’ on Fri January 9th.  My mom would then stay with me for two weeks and leave on January 23rd.

With new birthday plans in the works, my sister is going to leave on the 9th as planned and drive back up on Thu January 15th to pick up my mom and myself.  Then we’ll all drive down to Upland, I’ll stay a week with my sister and fly back home on Mon January 26th.  I’m excited for my first trip away from home and my first plane trip since surgery! Woo hoo!

Yesterday was another lazy day.  Elizabeth came over in the morning and we knit.  In the afternoon I pretty much stayed in bed reading.  In the evening Ana and Tina came over and we had tacos for dinner.  These tacos have been 2 weeks in the making.

I’ve had a craving for them a while back so we bought taco shells at the market but never had a chance to make them.  Friday we went to the grocery store for all the fresh goods and put the frozen meat in the refrigerator to defrost.  They were delicious, and I must say pretty healthy!  We used 94% fat free meat, spicy taco seasoning, 2% shredded Mexican cheese blend, light sour cream, romaine lettuce and tomatoes.  The only thing not low fat were the taco shells which aren’t too bad to begin with.  After dinner we played Sequence.  The perfect, mellow Saturday night for a recovering patient.