Yesterday Ana, Tina, Fidel, Carol and I took a day trip to Tahoe and went to Northstar.  We wanted to go tubing, but it was closed.  We had fun playing in the snow and hanging about the village; we’ll have to go  back for tubing later in the season.

Above are pictures of Shelly our snowlady and Klaus our snowbear.  There’s just something magical about being in snow during wintertime – easily said from someone who doesn’t have to shovel it or melt ice from their car every morning right?  I uploaded the photos from the trip onto Facebook if you want to see them.

We left around 5am and got home at 8pm – a full day, but I’m proud of myself for being able to sustain.  Granted we didn’t do anything strenuous, but I was able to hold my own.  After we got home Fidel’s friends came over and we played Taboo until midnight.  Where we got all the energy I do not know, but we had a great time.