I had a pretty lazy Saturday… woke up to take my dreaded Actonel and then downed my morning meds with yogurt and went back to sleep.  Carol and I didn’t actually get into contact lenses and officially start our day until noon time.  In the early evening I started to feel restless.  Yesterday we had gone down to the Michael’s in San Mateo, but they didn’t have enough of the specific yarn I was looking for, so we decided to go on a mini road trip to the Michael’s in San Rafael to see if they would have any.

We found directions on Google maps and went on our merry way.  After following the directions we came to a dead end.  The directions were wrong!  We had to get to the other side of the freeway, and the directions gave the wrong exit, but everywhere we went we encountered dead end streets.  We even used my cell phone’s gps, and it also gave the same stupid directions as Google maps!  Both of them must be using the same navigational system.  After much circling and stopping to ask for directions we found the Michael’s.  The sad news is that they had the worst selection of yarn I have ever seen from a big box chain store.  In my experience Michael’s tends to have more of a yarn selection than Jo-Ann’s, but this Michael’s was really dismal. So sad.  There was a Chili’s restaurant in the same plaza so we stopped there for dinner before heading home.

Today I really felt a difference in terms of health.  My sternum seems much stronger and the bit of swelling that’s left has gone down some.  My coughing has also been less dramatic, and I felt pretty good for the majority of the day.  I hope this is an upward trend!  I’m wondering how much of my cough is related to my paralyzed vocal chord and how much is affected by my swollen bullfrog.  I’ve also been comfortably sleeping on my side, and now if I’m laying down I can now easily pull myself up without heavily relying on my arms for support.