Here are some things that I have learned about taking my meds:

1. Morning meds are best taken with yogurt or cereal.

2. Evening meds are best taken with ice cream or pudding.

3. Individually packaged applesauce cups are best for meds on the go.

4. Taking meds with water alone is gross – nothing to mask the medicinal flavor.

5. If taking meds with food, the food must have moisture or there must be a non-water beverage to accompany it.  Otherwise, it’s too dry to swallow – especially with bread products such as toast, or muffins.

6. It is difficult to swallow meds with hot beverages, takes too long.  Hot beverages are meant to be sipped and savored.

7. Learning how to swallow more than one pill at a time is key.

8. Swallowing pills from largest to smallest makes me feel better.

9. When cutting a pill in half, try to line up the blade right down the middle, otherwise pieces of the pill crumble away.

10. Learn to love the meds, not resent.