It was nice being on vacation for a week, but I’m happy to be home and settling back in. Tomorrow I have labs in the morning, then clinic at 9am and then spiro right after.  Then, in the afternoon I have an eye doctor’s appointment.  On Friday I have an appointment with the high-risk dermatologist to have my skin checked out.  Then, off to work I go on Monday!  Time really has flown by quickly.

I feel better physically.  It’s been easier for me to walk these past few days, but I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting stronger, or if it’s because it’s so flat in southern California.  The next few days will tell.  I am still tired after being out, but hopefully that endurance will keep building.  My biggest concern right now is getting back into a normal sleep schedule. I’ve been going to bed around 1am and waking up around 9am.  This has got to change.  My goal for tonight is to go to bed by midnight.  Every night I’m going to try my best to go to bed a little bit earlier until I get back to a normal routine.

My non health goal for the week is to organize my apartment.  I have tons of paperwork I need to sort through and I have yarn all over the place.  Must get it all done before I start work.  I know once Monday hits, all organization and sorting will go out the window.