Today I had my annual eye appointment with my optometrist.  Well, not only do I have Posterior Vitreous Detachment but it turns out that I have the beginning stages of cataracts.  Granted right now they are teeny tiny little spots, but why oh why are my eyes so old?!  I asked him why it happened, and he said there is no clear reason, but it usually happens to people who are older.  Apparently my eyes don’t follow the regular schedule as I now have 2 conditions that people in their 60s develop.

I was reading up on cataracts online, and one of the possibilities listed is due to UV ray exposure and that people who take steroids are more suceptible to developing cataracts.  Damn the Prednisone!  Even if Prednisone is not the reason, I still say Damn the Prednisone!

The good news is that according to my doctor there is a silver lining.  He said that once my cataracts get bad enough to affect my vision I will have laser surgery that will not only get rid of my cataracts, but the surgery will fix my nearsightedness!  😀  When I asked him how long that will be, his response was probably sometime in my 40s.  My doctor didn’t sound very worried at all, so I’m not very concerned, but I’m curious as to why my eyes are so old.  I hope I don’t develop any more older people eye conditions!  The other good news is that my vision has finally started to stabilize.  My eyeglass and contact prescription hasn’t changed since 2006.

My other doctor’s appointments went well.  My lab results from this morning came back, and my white blood cell count is back up so they’ve restarted me on a lower dosage of Valcyte, and my tac level is down so they upped my Prograf.  My spiro went well, and the tech said I did just as well and even a wee bit better than my last spiro test.  My clinic visit was fine, and my doctor said I was progressing along nicely.  Her only concern is that I maintain my exercise level once I start working.  I promised not to take the elevator at work unless I was hauling things that are not stair friendly.