Looks like the doctors are preparing to relist me for lungs.  The high flow oxygen machine that I mentioned yesterday was upped to 10 liters of oxygen.  Despite the noise, I have come to appreciate this new high flow machine because it provides 100% humidity and therefore doesn’t dry out my nose.  If I never have another nose bleed again, it will be too soon.  Another addition is a little brown plastic jug in which the nurses will be collecting my urine for 24 hours.  They will be sending out the brown jug to the lab to check my kidney function (I wonder about those people whose job it is to test urine all day long).  Both additions suggest that the docs are getting ready, insurance issues solved or not.

I’ve also had a couple of procedures.  A couple of days ago, the physical therapist timed and measured my 6 minute walk, which is a criterion for listing me.  In 6 minutes, I walked 81 feet, with a few chair breaks in between.  Under 150 feet is basically the lowest category there is for the 6 minute walk, so this puts me in a better position once I’m actually listed.  Also, yesterday, I had another spirometry, which is a pulmonary function test.  From what we hear, the results are similar to the last time, which was in April. So now, we continue to wait.

My parents drove up Tuesday and left this morning.  My mom is planning on coming back up in a few weeks to help out.  On the knitting front, I started a new scarf the other day.  I tried to work on the afghan, but it was too complicated.  I am apparently at the level of mindless knitting. I have been feeling tired all day; I slept a lot and did not knit at all. No major updates on the insurance situation.