The big insurance problem we’ve been worrying about has been solved–I will be able to switch to Kaiser once my Blue Cross runs out regardless of open enrollment.  No medi-cal for Susan Yoo just yet!

The story of how we got here:  hearing that a lung transplant wasn’t considered a “qualifying event” for an exception to open enrollment rules, we told pretty much anyone who was willing to listen and/or share in our indignation.  Cindy, the savvy attorney that she is, sent an email out to her fellow savvy attorneys and got a promising response from a contact of a contact.  An attorney from Virginia pointed us toward the HIPAA law, which allows for switching to a different employer offered insurance plan if coverage runs out.  Cindy followed up with him regarding the specifics, and then composed an email which Carol forwarded to USF’s HR and the hospital’s financial coordinator.  Apparently all the code numbers and legal wording was effective because we received confirmation from USF’s HR department that indeed, I can make the switch.

Apparently the Virgina good Samaritan told Cindy that he was happy to hear that finally, his expertise was able to help someone.  Carol’s response: I guess I shouldn’t think badly of lawyers anymore.

Carol spent the past few days on the phone with insurance, USF, Medi-Cal, Social Security, hospital staff, and retirement fund representatives.  Thank God I have a smart and organized sister.

Aside from the great news about the insurance, I have been feeling pretty crappy in the last few days.  Ever since Sunday, when I took Actonel, my stomach has been super sour.  I haven’t been able to keep much food down, and my mouth is really, really dry.  Yesterday, I had the upper GI test.  I swallowed barium and they took x-rays to watch it go down my esophagus into my stomach.  The second GI test was today–the lower GI test.  I had to eat eggs and drink juice, both of which were mixed with a radioactive medicine.  Eggs + sour stomach = vomit.  I managed to keep a tiny bit down and they completed the study, which consisted of me lying flat and still in a big x-ray machine for an hour.  In addition to the GI tests, I also had visits from a gynecologist and a dentist.  The transplant listing process is chugging along.