Yesterday was a day of disappointment.  After a week of doctors talking up the EGD (esophagogastroduodenoscopy–where they look down my esophagus and stomach with a scope) that I had scheduled for Friday, and being NPO (nothing per oral to eat or drink–not even water), AND planning on waking back up with a feeding tube, I instead waited for three hours for NOTHING TO HAPPEN.  They took me downstairs at 12:30pm, but the anesthesiologist had been double booked so I waited.  Then, the anesthesiologist shows up and tells me that it’s too risky for them to do the EGD outside of an OR.  So they sent me back upstairs.  No answers about why my mouth has been so dry, my stomach so sour, and my appetite so poor.

Then, they attempted the feeding tube bedside.  I could not tolerate it.  It felt like stabbing pain and worsened every time I tried to talk.  So no feeding tube.  Back to trying to eat/drink and not throw it up.

Yesterday the doctors told me that they were going to just skip the EGD because it would take too long to get an OR and that because of how much oxygen I’m on, the risks outweigh the benefits.  This morning, I’m back to NPO because allegedly, either an EGD or a feeding tube will be happening sometime today.