Hi everyone, it’s Carol.  Susan asked me to write a blog about today to keep everyone updated.

They took her down to the OR this afternoon around 2:30pm.  She returned around 8pm.  The operation went well; she now has a feeding tube directly connected into her stomach.  The doctors had been concerned that she might not be strong enough to be extubated after the surgery, in which case she would have to be moved to the ICU, but thankfully, she was fine and returned ventilator-free.  She’s in a lot of pain right now, which isn’t surprising considering the tube went through muscle, skin, and organ.  The doctors are giving her morphine and have said it should improve within a few days.

They will try to begin using the tube tomorrow, and hopefully she’ll get the nutrients she needs to be strong for the transplant.  Still no word on when she’ll be listed.