It’s been a few days since my last update. On Thursday I had a stress echocardiogram.  Initially, I was supposed to exercise on a reclining bicycle, but the cardiology folks took one look at me and switched it to a chemically induced stress test.  They put some medication in me and took pictures as my heart rate increased.  They also had me do a variety of other things to increase my heart rate, including counting backwards from 100 in 7s (hard!), squeezing a tennis ball continuously, thinking about George W. Bush, and pushing against the doctor’s hands with my feet–ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  The result, though, was good.  My heart is fine.

The past few days have basically been about me adjusting to continually increasing doses of my tube feeds.  I am now up to 40 cc per hour, and the doctors’ goal for me is 60 cc so I’m on my way.  They’re also giving me lots of fluids, which is helping with my dry mouth and lack of appetite–a bit.  I often want delicious things, but when I get them, it’s just not the same.  Hopefully that will get better too.

My best news of the past few days is that the doctors have discontinued my amphotericin treatments (the anti fungal breathing treatments for which any visitors had to either leave the room or wear a heavy duty mask).  Hooray!

Hopefully this week will bring some movement in terms of being listed.