It’s Carol again.  Susan wants me to update everyone via the blog.

A couple of days out of surgery, Susan is back to her mantra “recovery sucks.”  She’s doing well in terms of her healing and breathing, but finding everything to be painful and difficult.  Yesterday and today, she walked outside of her room, around the front desk to the windows on the north side of the ICU.  It was slow and steady, and she did a great job.  Today she’s supposed to walk again before she goes to bed.

So far, today has been a busy day.  Susan had another bronchoscopy, walked, and went to the third floor for a CT scan.  They’ve also started her on tube feeds again.  She’s been napping on and off, whenever she’s able to.  The epidural is working, but she’s still in a lot of pain.

Our parents are flying back to LA tonight, and will be back next week.  We’re hopeful that by the time they return, Susan will be out of the ICU on the main floor. Susan’s night nurse had a very accurate comment about Susan.  She looked me square in the eye and said, “she’s tough.”  Absolutely.