I have not eaten any solid food in quite some time.  Going into my stomach, though, is tube feeds 24 hours a day, plus all my meds with water.  I feel so full.  Everyone keeps telling me I need to eat more, but I can’t imagine adding anything else.  My stomach feels awful from all the tube feeding, and from the tube site.  I came out of surgery with two chest tubes.  This whole time, I thought the pain I was having was because of the tubes.  Yesterday, the last tube came out.  I still have the pain.  Turns out, it was pain from the feeding tube.  Monday they’re supposed to change it to a different kind of tube, so hopefully that will solve the problem.

Tomorrow, I’m also going to have my epidural catheter taken out.  I hope the pain isn’t too bad.

I am trying to walk more and get my strength up to get out of here. Tonight, I need to walk one more time, and I have been told by Dr. Hoopes that I need to walk outside of the ICU.

Today, I had enough concentration to watch Finding Nemo and even knit a little.  My friend Elizabeth came over and helped a lot.  Carol was able to sleep in until 11am.

Tonight is exactly one week since the transplant surgery.

Random note: Being trached has its goods and bads. I am sick of not being able to talk.