Carol again.

Susan was moved out of ICU tonight into a regular room on the 10th floor.  Long #1073 for those of you who want to visit.  She’s doing well enough to leave the “unit” so that’s great news.  She is still on oxygen and at night being put on a smaller machine to keep her lungs expanded.  It’s been slow but steady progress.  She was able to walk 2 laps in the ICU yesterday without much stopping.  Now we go back to walking the halls of the 10th floor.

I am flying back to southern Cal tomorrow evening to take a break and take care of some things.  I will be back in about 10 days unless Susan is discharged before then, in which case I will be back for the big move back to home.  Our parents are staying here with her until I return.

Susan is still trach’ed and therefore unable to talk, but she now has her phone again, so if you want to check in about visiting, feel free to text her.

One BIG step closer to getting home!