(Blog author will be Carol until further notice)

Yesterday, Susan took a field trip down to the hospital cafeteria.  Elizabeth, nurse Junko, and I escorted her to the second floor.  She walked to the elevator, through the cafeteria and back.  She also picked out her dinner, which she ate a bit of when we got back to her room.  It was her first time walking outside of the 10th floor.  She now has official permission to go to the cafeteria without supervision.  Her doctors want her to get a “breath of fresh air” and “live like a 31 year old” as much as she can while here.  Today, Janet and I went downstairs with her for her dinner.  She is slowly starting to eat more, but they’re keeping her on the tube feeds until she is able to eat enough calories by mouth.

She had another CT scan and bronchoscopy yesterday, and the doctors are pleased with the improvement regarding the fluid issue.  They are beginning to speak about possibly going home next week.

She is getting more independent everyday.