Susan will be going home Monday.  The “team” has set this as the tentative date, and so far, it looks like it will happen.

In preparation for going home, Susan has been practicing climbing stairs.  Going down the stairs made her realize how much her calf muscles have atrophied.  She has a big task ahead of her to gain back some weight and muscle.

Today she was taken down to interventional radiology to unclog her feeding tube.  Of course, her tube unclogged after one simple push of saline.  It was a short and sweet visit out of the 10th floor.

She is doing well without the trach.  Her oxygen saturation is consistently 97% at room air.  The plan is for her to go home without any oxygen.  Whoo hoo!

Her appetite is getting better–at a snail’s pace, but better nonetheless.  For dinner today she had butternut squash soup and grilled artichokes from Bistro 9.  It really is great to have such good restaurants near the hospital.