Fact. I am losing my hair. It is driving me NUTS.  I never really appreciated how much hair I had until it started falling out.  Isn’t that true with everything in life.  Alright people, take a moment to appreciate your lungs – deep breath in, slow breath out – then take a moment to appreciate your hair…. unless of course yours is falling out too; in which case let’s commiserate together.

I think my hair loss upsets me because I have no control over it.  It doesn’t look very pretty either, but that’s besides the point.  During recovery, if I do my leg exercises and practice stairs I will get stronger.  As I eat more and more my appetite returns and my stomach goes back to it’s normal size.  If my vitals are off I call the transplant team and they will try to find out what’s wrong. There ain’t nothin’ I can do about my hair except complain and try to have some patience.  If I never get my hair back that will be a whole ‘nother story.

I realized that my hair was getting very long.  The last time I cut it was just before my first hospitalization in September!  Usually I go to Nick to get my hair cut, but after looking in the mirror today and seeing my sparse greasy hair being dragged down (… ok maybe I’m exaggerating a wee bit), I decided I couldn’t take it anymore.  Carol and I drove over to Supercuts.  I got my hair shampooed, cut to a manageable length and blow dried all for $25!  While I love going to Nick, you can’t beat $25 for a simple trim.  When we got there we explained the situation to the lady and she was great. There is nothing better than a head massage, clean hair and that light airy feeling you get when you cut off a decent amount of hair.

SUPPOSEDLY it’s supposed to stop falling out after a year.  Patience grasshopper, patience.