I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday.  This week was pretty busy.  On Monday I had labs and the physical therapist came to work with me.  On Tuesday I had clinic (meeting w/pharmacist, nurse and doctor), spirometry test, and a CT scan of my chest.  Afterward we went to Kaiser to pick up my meds.  We thought we’d just swing by before going home.  Nope.  After an hour of waiting, all sorts of miscommunication with the pharmacists, problems between Kaiser and UCSF and cranky clerks… I left empty handed and very tired.  Yesterday I had my broncoscopy.  The doctors said everything looked fine.  I’ll get the results of the biopsy on Tuesday when I go to clinic.  Tomorrow is the only day this week that I don’t have to get up early to go to the hospital.  My only commitment is physical therapy in the afternoon.

Today is exactly 2 months since my re-transplant.  This time around recovery is so much harder.  I think I won’t be able to spring back as quickly as last fall, but I’ve been getting better a little by little everyday.