Nausea and dry heaving lead to nausea and actually throwing up.  Not good.  I called the transplant team and told them that I’m still nauseated but way worse than before.  We suspect that one of my meds is causing it.  I usually take this particular pill (Septra) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday… just once in the morning for prevention of a specific bacteria. I had my broncoscopy and it showed that I actually have that bacteria in my lungs.  They originally prescribed me to take 4 pills every day, 2 in the morning and 2 pills at night. The doctor changed the dosage to 2 pills, once in the morning and once at night everyday for 3 weeks.  14 pills a week is certainly way different than 28!  Turns out that one of the side effects of Septra is of course nausea and vomiting.  Since the dosage change it’s gotten way better.  I’m still a bit nauseous in the morning and a little bit at night, but thankfully not all day like before.

I’m still waiting for my vocal chord surgery.  UCSF wants me to have it done with them – obviously – since I have prior history with the ENT there.  Kaiser, being my new insurance, wants me to have it at Kaiser with their ENT.  Vocal chord surgery is not considered part of pulmonary even though I’m getting the surgery in order to preserve my lungs.  At clinic, the nurse told me that one of the main issues is getting a doctor to sign off so that I can go to UCSF.  The problem is that I don’t have a doctor there yet.  The only time I’ve ever stepped foot into Kaiser was at their pharmacy.  We shall see what happens.  Once the surgery is done I can finally get rid of the tube feed.

Good news:

– I can now go to labs just once a week

– I can get up from any chair that I sit on