I feel like it’s been forever since I posted something.  The big news is that I shaved my head.  I was so sick of it falling out and looking half-assed bald I just had to do something about it.  Now I look like a Buddhist Monk.  I thought I’d be more upset about it, but it’s really convenient and refreshing.


The last week or so I’ve been so sore.  My thigh muscles – especially my right thigh- has been really painful.  Almost like the soreness you feel after going to the gym when you haven’t gone in months, but more sharp.  Walking and getting up from a seat is not fun.  I feel like I’m regressing somewhat.  It was getting better yesterday, but I had a long day out and I think I aggravated it more.  The doctor said that if it gets worse I get an MRI to see what’s going on.

I can’t believe it’s already September.  Time is a funny thing.  It always seems like it goes by to fast and too slow all at the same time.  I can’t believe that I spent 3 months living in the hospital.  That whole span of time seems like a blur.

It’s officially Fall and I’m loving the weather here.  It’s been around 70-80 with a cool breeze.  Later this month and in October we’ll have our ‘Indian Summer’ where it gets in the 80s…  then into true Fall weather.  I think like most people my favorite season is the season I was born.  As November approaches I’m anticipating the weather changing and winter setting in.  Of course we’re spoiled here because it almost never goes below 30 degrees.   I love the holiday season and spirit and can’t wait to bust out my Christmas music.

Before transplant, upcoming holidays and events were exciting but I really didn’t give a lot of thought into them.  Now that I’m officially a sick person I always hesitate before making plans for the future.  I worry that I’ll be in the hospital on the day of the event – i.e Wicked! – or that I’ll be in some sort of recovery and not able to go out.

I’ve also gained  new appreciation for the ‘now’.  “Live life like this is your last day” is such a cliche.  While I’m not that extreme, I’ve realized that in many ways my morals have changed somewhat.  I can’t explain it exactly, but it’s sort of like thinking about what is really realistic in my lifetime and what is worth the energy.  I never used to be a ‘bottom line’ person, but I’ve also never felt so much entitlement to be here on this earth.  I’ve gained a new appreciation for the simpler things – like being able to breath! Before transplant I would see people running and I would think to myself, I’d love to be in shape like that.  Now when I see people running I think, wow they’re so lucky to be able to have 2 healthy lungs that allows them to run.  It’s all about perspective.

Tonight Carol flies in for Labor Day weekend.  I am hoping to have a restful yet productive weekend.  I hope all of you enjoy yours!