I had my bronch last week.  It turns out I have a tiny bit of bacteria in my lung, so I’m taking antibiotics for it, but there was no rejection.  I’m still sore, and now the doctors think it’s something called AVN (Avascular Necrosis of the Hip), which can be a side effect of one of my anti-rejection steroids, predisone.  With AVN there is little blood circulation to the hips, which causes bone damage.  After almost a month of the pain not improving, they had me do an MRI which came out okay, but they found a minor irregularity on one side, and since I’m still in pain, they’re having me do a bone scan on Monday.  I also met with my new ENT at Kaiser, who scheduled my vocal cord surgery for October 23rd.

I am really impressed with the efficiency of Kaiser in SF.  Apparently I chose well for my PCP, because every specialist I see tells me how great of a doctor she is.   It’s great how everything is in house and streamlined; my PCP called the orthopedist for a consult while I was in her office and all my appointments have been scheduled within three weeks.  I also love that everything is online; my doctor emailed me back on the same day.  It’s very convenient–I can order my medications online, see my lab results, etc.